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 Autumn Memories...


The red and gold leaves of autumn
remind me of seasons past;
I can hear the voices of yesteryear.
I recall faces dear,
the hopes, the dreams,
the tears, and the smiles.
How did the days disappear so fast?

The cool air of the autumn
reminds me that winter is just ahead.
Already I can see the holiday lights
and feel the inner warmth of the season.
There could be no better reason
to say a prayer for those I love
each night before I go to bed.

The scent of apples in autumn
reminds me of Grandma's house.
I can still smell the cinnamon as the
pumpkin pies baked on Thanksgiving Day.
I can almost taste the turkey and yams.
I remember Grandpa's warm hugs,
and evenings spent by the fire,
warm and snug.

The sound of the rustling leaves in autumn
brings back happy childhood memories
of diving into leaves so carefully raked,
of glittery Halloween costumes,
and jack-o-lanterns ablaze,
of long, yet wonderful, school days,
of chocolate bars, and orange frosted cupcakes.

Every year, I look forward to those
wonderful red and gold leaves of autumn
that have a way to magically recall yesterday,
making me feel like a child at play,
making me remember those I love,
and reminding me that someone special
is always watching over me from above.

"Autumn Memories," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000


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