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 Autumn's Crimson Beauty...


Long summer nights fled,
mighty oaks and maples weep,
the earth painted gold and red,
fall is a time of the harvest,
a time to reap the rewards of seeds
sown in spring.
The world feels more alive,
than ever before
as cool winds kiss each shore.
How bright suddenly shine the stars,
so near and yet so far.
The robin redbreast sings;
lone owl in sycamore hoots;
sparrows heading south
pipe in with merry flutes.
It's time to celebrate
the cozy days autumn brings.
Change is all around
from hoary eve
with a scattering of crisp leaves
to hazy, golden days
with green fading quick to brown.
Across the hills and plains
from sea to sea
autumn's scarlet beauty abounds.
Until at last winter's fallen prey.
Still autumn's unending crimson beauty
will live on in fond memory.

I hope you have a wonderful
and memorable autumn.

"Autumn's Crimson Beauty," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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