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 Autumn Dreams...


The autumn sky
and the rich gold and orange leaves
touches something deep inside my heart
and reminds me
of the wonders of life,
my many reasons to be thankful.
I've been blessed by friends who
share their hopes and dreams with me.
I have a family who cares
about me.
I've spent many nights
snuggling the one I love,
and have known many passionate kisses,
and heartfelt hugs.
I've been moved by the laughter of children,
and the warmth of a smile.
I've been inspired by music,
and have felt the comfort
that comes only from home.
I cherish all of these memories,
and if I could escape to my fondest dreams,
I'd live in a world where
the beauty of autumn never ends,
where nothing except
endless peace and happiness exists.
May autumn touch your heart
reminding you of your many
reasons to be thankful
and allowing you to escape
to a world of fond dreams.

"Autumn Dreams," written and designed by Bobette Bryan

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