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 Many Shades of Fall...


Fall comes not only in shades
of red, orange, and gold,
but it can be as colorful as a peacock
with dreamy blue green, and lavender,
touched by buttercup yellow,
bright and bold.
Yet its arrival is no less magical,
it's beauty no less great.
Even if autumn bears a rainbow,
it's still an end and a beginning.
a season to think about the past,
a time to appreciate loved ones,
and give thanks for what we have.
When autumn arrives at last,
I hope it brightens your life
in whatever shade it bears
May it's majestic color, magic, and beauty
live fondly in your heart
all the days of your life.
May your every autumn be
a time to share love and happiness.

"Many Shades of Fall," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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