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 Samhain Beckons...


A journey of fear
As things unspeakable
Linger near.
As scars of the night
Begin to bleed,
Dressed by fog
And destiny's chains
Restless souls marred by
Wounds unhealed
They're the
Stars that waned
Then fell from sight,
Drowned in hell,
Bound by misery.
Yet on Halloween night
The boundary melts
And the spirits are freed.
They deftly arise,
To paint earth and sky
With death, and darkness.
A brush of cold wind
Against the cheek,
Beneath a moon of satin,
Hauntingly beautiful,
Joy unconfined.
The shadows fall,
Obtuse and bizarre
To meld into the night
Transfigured, they
Reek of death and decay,
And harbor the welcome of
A funeral bouquet.
A cackle,
A howl,
A moan,
A grown
Chills the darkness
Where such spirits roam.
Bringing death and misfortune
To the poor souls who hear.
Yet, bitter, they'll flee
With the herald of midnight;
Returned to their prison;
New souls in their clutch,
Until Samhain Beckons
The same time next year.

Happy Samhain!

"Happy Samhain," designed and written by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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