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Love Awakening...

Love awakening,
from pale green to scalding red
like autumn's kiss upon the maple leaves...
the day I met you.
Life awakening.
I was born when I held your hand.
The whole world sparkled anew
to these once blind eyes.
Soul awakening.
When I held you,
I felt as if I'd been freed
from all of the pain that
held me down in the past.
At last I'd found and tasted bliss.
Heart Awakening.
Emotion buried deep within
the barren orchard of my bosom
suddenly bore fruit,
and I was finally able to give of myself.
Passion Awakening.
When you told me you love me,
all of the darkness within fled,
and like a graceful monarch
soaring south in the autumn,
I could feel myself gliding
through crystal blue skies
in search of your warmth.
Future Awakening.
With you beside me,
I look forward to etching
new memories of a happy life
on the rock we'll carve together.

"Love Awakening," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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