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Eerie Happiness...

Halloween is the brown upon
the hedges and flowerbeds
and jack-o-lanterns
in blazing red.

Halloween is fresh air
with a hint of cold
and maple leaves of
orange and gold.

Halloween is when bats
darken the ebony sky
with pointed wings,
they gracefully fly.

Halloween is the crunch
of leaves beneath your feet
and the howl of the wind
along every street.

Halloween is ghost stories
read at midnight
to bid the holiday farewell
with a touch of fright.

Happy Halloween!
I hope this Halloween
brings much eerie happiness
to you and yours.

"Eerie Happiness," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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Artwork: by Bobette Bryan
Music: "Auralite," Copyright 1997 by Marty Fancher

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