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is a time to be thankful
for family and friends;
it's a season of reflection
as one year ends.

is hearth and home,
long nights by the fire,
where you can drink in the warmth
to your heart's desire.

is a day to give thanks
for the feast on your table;
it's an evening to snuggle close
and spin tall fables.

is the blaze of jack-o-lanterns
on Halloween,
and it's but a wisp of a dream
of yuletide green.

is wistful thoughts
of the coming year,
and all the warm memories
that fill your heart with cheer.

is a season of hope
for what will be,
it's a harvest of blessings
for you and me.

And I'm sending this greeting
to wish you every good thing
beneath the stars
that autumn can bring.

"Autumn," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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