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God's Gift...

God gave us each a special gift
that's far grander than gold,
and He reveals it bit by bit
as the beauty of autumn unfolds.

First He paints the maple leaves
and kisses goodnight the flowers,
then He leads the birds to a warmer place
to while away the hours.

And He ripens everything
on stem, or tree, or vine
and turns each stalk of corn to gold
to nourish yours and mine.

Then He lays the table with a feast
while He calls the northern wind
so that we'll take shelter in the warmth
we receive from family and friends.

He does all of this so we'll give thanks
for a year of many blessings,
and He hopes we'll remember His gift of love
as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

"God's Gift," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Illustration: 2002 Bigelow Illustrations. All rights reserved.
Music: "Give Thanks"