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In Thanks...


God, you've brought
many blessings
home today,
hearts full of cheer,
children at play,
a turkey in the oven,
pies steaming hot,
the table laden--
there's nothing
you forgot.
You've brought
good friends near
and loved ones as well,
for smiles and hugs,
and news to tell.
And we gather together,
eager to share
beginning our feast
with a heartfelt prayer.
Like the pilgrims of old,
we thank you God,
for the gifts of the harvest
reaped from the sod.
We look around us
and for all the
blessings we see,
we bow our heads,
in gratitude to Thee.

Wishing you a
blessed thanksgiving!

"In Thanks," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2004

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Images: by Penny Parker.
Music: "Give Thanks"