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 Getting Old...


You know you're getting old if:

You can't remember how old you are.

You're afraid to enter an antique store
out of fear you'll be sold.

You announce your age with pride as if you're
getting close to becoming a record breaker.

People actually start listening
to your lame advice.

You'd rather hear about it than do it.

Everyone is suddenly offering to give you a hand.

You're topped with more gray than a winter sky.

Your birthday is making headline news.

But don't worry, because...

You're not old--
at least not "that" old
so you may as well
have a great birthday
while you're still
up to it!

Happy Birthday!
May it be the best yet,
a celebration that you can
kick back and remember fondly
when you really are old!

"Getting Old," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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