Locked Up

How long must I stay
Behind these iron bars
Staring at the world
From a tormenting rare view
Yearning to breathe
The summer's air once again
How long must I dwell
In this solitary cell
All locked up

I was young and foolish
When fate and destiny choose
This path and imprinted these footprints
In my mortal heart
I was chasing dreams
On the fast lane
When that fateful nightmare struck
And in a blink
I was lost in the world
Wallowing in this miasma
Of my youthful reminiscences
Questioning myself
For how long will I
Remain a convict

I long to soar
Above the mysteries of these love
To hold upon that silver wing
And fly back in time
When we met
The day you transformed me
Into a prisoner
Of love
Now I ask myself
For how long will I
Remain locked up in this love?

Poetry written by John Mucina, 2009
Music: "amethyst", (c) 2007 by Bruce De boer.
Used with permission."

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