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Caring Stranger...
A PassionUp True Angel Story

At birth, every person is given
a guardian angel who continually lights,
guards, rules, and guides. --St. Thomas Aquinas


Do angels exist? According to the bible they do. What's more, many people have reported touching angel encounters. And though we don't understand all that angels do and the roles they play, we do know that they're not only messengers between us and God, but they also serve to protect us from spiritual and physical harm as Karen Hines found out one Christmas. Here's her heart warming story.

     On Christmas morning when I was five years old, I'd gotten a sled from Santa and couldn't wait to try it out. Some neighborhood friends and I took our sleds to a steep hill close to my house, which was adjacent to some woods.
     Each of us joyously slid down the hill several times, until I hit a rock, veered off the path and headed toward the trees. On impact, I was hurled from the sled and was impaled in the abdomen on a long jagged tree stump.
     I screamed and the other children were so afraid that they ran home, and I was left alone, trapped, helpless, terrified, and bleeding.
     I started to cry when, out of nowhere, a man dressed in gray appeared. He said nothing, but gently lifted me into his arms and rushed me home.
     As he reached the door of my house, the terrible pain disappeared, and I felt a wonderful sense of warmth flow through me when he handed me to my mother.
      Seeing my tears, my mother was alarmed. She yelled for my father who carried me to the couch, then she went back outside to thank the mysterious stranger. She looked up and down the street, hoping to find him, but he had disappeared.
     As for me, my wound was completely healed. Not even a trace of the injury remained.

"Caring Stranger," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002


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Angel from Bobette Bryan's Private Collection
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