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 Paradise Ahead...


You're not the person
I fell in love with.
You're far more incredible than
I could have imagined,
and every day,
I'm sailing on the bliss
of having you in my life.
Something magical in
your smile moves me
in a way that nothing else could.
And the fire of your touch
sizzles to my soul,
only making me need you more.
Yet the bond between us
is deeper still.
We're so much more than lovers--
we're best friends.
You understand me
better than anyone else does,
and you're always there
when I need someone to listen.
I'm happier when I'm with you
than I've ever been.
And every day that we're
together, my love for you grows.
I look forward to the
paradise ahead with you.


"Paradise Ahead" written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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