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 Romantic Hawaiian Dreams...


I'm sending you a romantic
evening in a Hawaiian paradise.
All you have to do is relax
and let yourself dream.
If you close your eyes,
you'll find that your dreams
are not as distant as they seem.
Can you smell the plumeria?
Do you feel the warm surf
brushing gently against your feet?
Can you taste the passion fruit,
so lush and sweet?
There's beauty all around you
to match the beauty within.
And you have not a single care
for there's magic in every wave
that dashes against the shore
and excitement in the air.
As music surrounds you,
your thoughts drift to romance,
and you begin to dance.
For beneath the moonlight
so stunningly reflected
upon the waves of blue,
I see someone special with you.
As the stars share a silvery
gift from above,
your heart overflows with
the warmth of true love.
Can you hear the whispers of
"I love you?"
It will be an unforgettable
night of romance for you two.

Happy Dreaming, Friend.
"Romantic Hawaiian Dreams," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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