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 Come the Sunset...


I miss you terribly,
and sometimes,
the days are so long
and lonely without you.
But come the sunset,
I know I'll be just fine,
because you'll be here
in my dreams--
where you'll always be mine.
Only then can I forget the
daily grind and
the steel towers
that rise to the sky.
For everything around me fades
when I take in the crimson beauty
of the setting sun,
because it reminds me of
the spark of love
I glimpsed in your eyes
when last we were one.
Though life in the city
can be so cruel,
I keep trying,
thoughts of you
a balm to my soul,
my heart's fuel.
And I know that come
the sunset,
I'll do just fine,
because I can close my eyes
and recall the time
your sweet lips met mine.


"Come the Sunset" written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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