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 Our Tropical Garden...


The longer I love you,
the more I love you.
A love like ours doesn't
just happen.
What we have has bloomed
slowly over time
and only grows more
beautiful each year
like a carefully tended garden.
The flowers of our garden
are alive with hope,
because each seed
was planted with
trust and caring,
patience and understanding.
And each blossom bears
the promise of a season
to look forward to together
and an appreciation
for the beauty in all things.
And I want you to know
that I look forward to
each kiss, each hug,
and every sunrise with you.
I'm so lucky to have someone
like you to share my garden with.

Happy New Year, my love.

"Our Tropical Garden," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Copyright 2001 PassionUp.

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