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Go Back!
Do not enter!

There's danger here!

There are things that
go bump in the night!

There are things that creep and crawl,
and wicked things that howl
beneath the moonlight!

You haven't turned back yet?
Go back!
Flee while you can!

It was a grim mistake
for you to come here.
The scary things are getting near.
This may be your last chance.
Turn back now
before it's too late.
You're approaching doom's gate!

Go back I say!
Hie thee away!

The danger is drawing ever near;
You certainly don't belong here!

I'll give you one last chance.
No, make that two!
Go back!
Go back!

Run away!
The terror is now so near that
you have every reason to fear
the darkness of the night.
Soon you'll see the light.

This is your last chance to flee!
I advise you to
scurry away as quickly as a flea...

Too late!
I've caught you!

"Scary," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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