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 Loss of a Pet...


There's no best friend like a pet.
A pet is always there for you,
warm, friendly, dedicated to duty,
and always ready to cuddle up
next to you when it's cold outside.
When God calls such a special friend home,
you suddenly feel lost.
You feel like something wonderful
is missing from your life.
For so long your pet watched over you,
always guiding you and protecting you
like a guardian angel.
And indeed like an angel
your best friend
was sent to you from God.
But even when God feels it's time
for your pet to rest,
your best friend is never really gone.
The bond of friendship you created
will live in your heart forever.
And after the grief subsides
the memories of the good times you spent
with your beloved friend
will again make you smile
and give you comfort.
And in the way of a guardian angel,
your pet will always be watching over you
from above,
sending you its warmth and love.

"Loss of a Pet," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000.

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