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 Somewhere Out There...


It's a new year,
and I've spent a lot of
time thinking about us.
Sometimes I just gaze
at the stars, wondering
what force brought us together,
wondering how I ever got so lucky.
I'd always hoped that you were
somewhere out there,
but I didn't think I'd find you.
Then suddenly you were in my life,
making my whole world bright.
I loved you from the start.
I knew there was a special
connection between us,
a bond that would stand
the test of time,
a bond that could never be broken.
And I'm so glad you're here
to share my life.
You've made me a better person.
You've made me believe in me
and in miracles.
And I want you to know
that I don't need to make
a new year wish this year,
because my fondest wish
already came true the day I met
and fell in love with you.
But I will toast our love
and the year ahead,
knowing it will be a great one,
because you'll be by my side,
to make the stars shine bright,
and to wrap me up in the warmth of
your love every night.

"Somewhere Out There," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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