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Keep My Eyes Open...

God, keep my eyes open
so that I can clearly see
all the beauty of life
surrounding me.

Never let me tire
of the beauty of a rose;
instill awe in my heart
as the garden blossoms and grows.

Keep my heart open
to kindness and love,
and never let me forget
that I have a friend above.

Fill me with mercy
for the souls in need.
Work through my hands to
spread your love with good deeds.

Make me stop and listen
even when people are demanding;
replace the ire with
thoughtfulness and understanding.

And let me sleep each night
without a worry or care,
knowing that when I awake,
you'll be there.

"Keep My Eyes Open," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Images: By Bobette Bryan, 2002
Music: Draw Me Nearer