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 Walk In The Woods
 Personality Test...


Learn more about your values and ideals. Type your answers to the questions below. Don't concentrate on the questions. Visualize the scenes and type the first thing you think of. Then press the "Analyze" Button. Your test results will appear in the boxes at the bottom of the page.

1. You're strolling in the woods, but you're not alone. Type the name of the person you're with in the box below:

2. On the walk you see an animal. Type the kind of animal in the box below:

3. Briefly, what interaction takes place between you and the animal?

4. After you walk deeper into the woods, you come to a clearing. Your dream house is there. Describe the size of the house. For example: large, small, huge, tiny, etc.

5. Does your dream house have a fence around it? Type "does" or "doesn't" in the box below.

6. You enter the house and go to the dining room. Briefly describe what you see on and around the table.

7. You exit the house through the back door. There's a cup lying on the grass. What material is the cup made of?

8. Briefly describe what you do with the cup?

9. You walk to the edge of the property where you see a body of water. What type of body of water is it?

10. You want to cross the water. Describe how you'll do so? Example: sail, swim, skip, wade, etc.

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Your test results:

"Walk in the Woods" written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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