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Called Home...

~ Dear Mom ~

When the angel wrapped
his wings around you
and whispered, "Come with me."
I cried, and I grieved
about what had come to be.
But then I remembered
how you'd suffered,
and how your strength
faded away,
and though I'll always
love you dearly,
I know why you couldn't stay.
You were so weary,
and you needed rest.
And God called you home
because He knew best.
And it's comforting to know
that you're free of pain.
I would never want you to suffer
like that again.
I hope you know
how much I miss you,
and that I love you still;
in my heart there's a place
that only you can fill.

"God's Holy Spirit"
brought me
"The Good News"
Dad has been transformed.
His grief and pain
have been changed to joy
and celebration.
He loves you dearly.

Judith is with you also.
She is so happy
and has prepared a
wonderful place for me.

I can see you and Nanna
baking the "Bread of Life"
for all to enjoy.

I have a wonderful husband
Marshall, who loves and
cares for me deeply.
Our son Chris
is a fine young man
and his fiancee, Dana is a
joy and a tower of strength
for him.

I will be joining you,
I must linger awhile longer
as I am still needed here.

I understand that pets are welcome.
I'm so glad
because Foxy Lady and her brother
along with Lassie and Rinny
will be joining us.

Our friends and neighbors
will visit often.

I understand there are bicycles there
and it's mostly down hill
wherever you go.

There are cattails and
horseshoe crabs,
pheasants and bob whites.

There are marching bands, and
trumpets, majorettes and twirlers.

We have barbecues here
and sing praises to The Lord
along with His Heavenly Hosts.

I can smell the salt sea air,
the charcoal, the camp fires and
the many flowers in bloom.

Mom, you gave us so much
and loved us dearly. You were
so weary.
You needed rest.

One day God will call me home
and I will be with you
once again.

Your devoted daughter,
Love, Louise


Wont't you
pray for the
spiritual health
of our hearts and minds,

and ask The Lord
to bless our Souls.

Thanks Mom.

"Called Home," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Come Unto Me, original composition by Sandra Bradley"