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The world is so beautiful
when I'm with you;
I've only to hold your hand,
and the stars sparkle like new.
If I ever feel lost or alone,
all I have to do,
is think of you, and your
light shines through.
Your enchanting smile inspires
sweet dreams each night,
and the sound of your voice
gives me the motivation I
need to reach the sky come
the daylight.
You're all that makes life
worth living,
and I'm so grateful to you
for all of the wonderful
things you do.
I swear that I'll
be there for you too
when there's no sunshine in sight.
I'll try to make you happy
and keep the flame burning bright.
I want to prove to you
that this love is real
and that no matter
what comes tomorrow,
I'll love you still.


"Still," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Copyright 2001 PassionUp and its licensors

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