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     Spring Trivia Quiz...


Get into the spirit of spring. Test your knowledge
about the season of hope with our Spring Trivia Quiz
and you may get a spring wish.

  1. On the first day of spring, the hours of daylight and of darkness are equal.

    True False

  2. During the vernal equinox, around March 21st, an egg will stand on its small end.

    True False

  3. The ancient Greeks celebrated Mother's Day in spring.

    True False

  4. Finding a four-leaf clover is thought to bring you good luck.

    True False

  5. The area along the California-Oregon border, is known as the "Easter Lily Capital of the World."

    True False

  6. Baby birds must learn how to sing.

    True False

  7. Arbor Day, which encourages the planting of trees and celebrates the role trees play in the environment, is traditionally celebrated on the last Monday in April.

    True False

  8. Spring Fever is a real physical condition.

    True False

  9. An emerald represents spring.
    True False

  10. William Wordsworth wrote a famous poem about daffodils.

    True False

Finished? Click the button below for your score and then see what your score means on the table below. If the form doesn't work with your browser, check the answers below and total your score by giving yourself one point for each correct answer."

Your Score


0-4 Maybe you have spring fever. Read the answers below to learn more about spring, or better yet, go outdoors and take in the sunshine. For good sportmanship, you get a spring wish
 5-6 You should get outdoors and enjoy the spring. For good sportmanship, you get a spring wish.
 7-8 Congratulations. You know a lot about spring. You get a spring wish. Just close your eyes and make a wish.
9-10 Wonderful. Stupendous. You're a spring expert. You deserve a fabulous spring! You get a special spring wish.



  1. True. Around March 21st, the earth's position in its orbit around the sun places its equator in line with the sun. This time period is called the "vernal equinox" and is the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. "Vernal" means spring and "equinox" means equal.

  2. False. Although some people would swear that an egg will stand on its small end during the vernal equinox, there's no scientific evidence to support these claims.

  3. True. The ancient Greeks celebrated Rhea, "Mother of the Gods," with honey-cakes, beverages, and flowers at dawn--the earliest known Mother's Day celebration.

  4. True. Four-leaf clovers are thought to bring good luck, but there's no scientific evidence to support that claim.

  5. True. An area along the California and Oregon border produces 95 percent of all bulbs grown in the world for the potted Easter lily market. They produce more than 11 million bulbs annually.

  6. True. Though baby birds are born with the ability to sing, they must learn the songs of their species. An isolated baby bird will learn simple songs, but not the complex songs of its species. A bird must hear in order to learn. Only a few birds can sing the songs of other species. The mockingbird seems to be the best at imitating the songs of other birds.

  7. True. Arbor Day is traditionally celebrated on the last Monday in April; however, each state can select its own date, depending on weather conditions. The first Arbor Day Celebration was held on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska.

  8. True. Spring Fever is a real physical condition which commonly occurs when a sudden warm spell follows a long cold period. When the temperature rises, the body has to get rid of heat; thus there's a dilation or expansion of the blood vessels so that blood can be carried to the body surface where heat can be lost quickly. Some people experience an energetic feeling when this change happens due to the body's reaction to the great amount of internal work going on.

  9. True. An emerald represents spring, rebirth, hope, peace, and tranquility.

  10. True. William Wordsworth wrote the poem, "I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud," which was about yellow daffodils.

"Spring Trivia Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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