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 You Are Strong...


Some people will try to make you
feel bad about being a woman,
will try to convince you that
you're incapable or inferior.
Don't believe it.
This is your life,
and you can do anything
you want to do.
You don't have to
follow someone else's
expectations of who you should be.
Never let anyone convince you otherwise,
and never set limits upon yourself,
because you're a woman.
You can admire the same
qualities in yourself
that you admire in men.
Remember that you're strong,
intelligent, and capable.
You're dedicated to
any endeavor that you undertake.
You are a woman,
and you have power.
You can follow your dreams
and dance to the beat
of your own heart.
You don't have to go
through life dangling
from the clouds;
instead you can fly to
the stars and claim
one for your own.

"You Are Strong," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Copyright 2001 PassionUp and its licensors

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