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 Web of Life...

"Grandfather Great Spirit,
fill us with the light.
Give us the strength
to understand and the eyes to see...
--Sioux Prayer



Wherever your moccasins
lead you,
never forget that
all things are interconnected.
Every action you take
affects the great web of life.
Respect mother earth
and all creatures upon her.
Never lose your dreams
or your faith
in the Great Spirit.
Every day,
strive to climb
toward your dreams,
knowing that you can
see things clearly from a
high vantage point.
And always look deep
within your heart
for the answers you seek,
and you'll be happy.

"Web of Life," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
                          Music: "A Lotus Blossom" Original Composition by Bobette Bryan

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