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     All We Need...

We go through life fretting about
what we don't have.

We want to be beautiful, and we forget
that the greatest beauty is the
love and warmth in our hearts.

We strive to impress people, but we forget
that the most important people in our lives
are those we love--our family and friends.

We want to be successful, but we forget
that our greatest accomplishments
in life are the lessons we learn
and the lives we touch.

We want to own something exquisite,
but we forget
the majesty of the ocean,
the blazing sunset,
the monarch butterflies in spring,
and the beauty all around us.

We want wealth, but we forget
to be thankful for the riches
we already have, including the
roof over our head and the
bounty on our table each night.

Truly, God knows our needs
and he gave us all we need to be happy.

"All We Need," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001
Photo: Copyright 2001, Jenifer Conroy.

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Music: "Busk Ye, Busk Ye," Scottish Folk Song, arranged by Bobette Bryan, 2001