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November Angel, Adnachiel...

"Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy,
every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we
know it...their existence precedes every religious
system that has ever existed on earth."
--St. Thomas Aquinas

Angel, please
hear my prayer.
protect all of my
friends and loved ones;
wrap them in your wings
and keep them in
your loving care.
During this month
of thanks, remind them
how very blessed they are,
and show them
that God's love
is never far.

A special angel governs every month. November's angel is Adnachiel, the shining one, who's one of two ruling angels of the order of angels. He watches over all of those born in November and keeps them in his loving care. Pray to Adnachiel to receive protection and blessings. He'll bring you and yours many gifts, including independence, honesty and gregariousness.

"November Angel, Adnachiel," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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