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Many Angels


There are many types of
angels among us.
Some angels make people
feel good inside.
They spread happiness and warmth
wherever they go.
Their presence is as bright
as the midnight stars,
always guiding us in the darkness.

Other angels do good
deeds for others.
They're always ready to
lend a helping hand
to get someone out of a
tight spot.
They inspire us to
reach for nothing short
of greatness.
They remind us that
we can succeed.

Other angels touch us
with heaven's loving light
when we're consumed by darkness.
They lift our spirit when
we're feeling down,
when everything seems hopeless.
They remind us that everything
will be all right.
They're there for us when
the road seems too rough to travel.
They're always at our side,
even during the worst of times,
reminding us of our
many blessings,
and urging us
not to lose faith.

To me, you're all these angels
wrapped into one... and more.
You're my own,
heavenly angel,
with halo unbent,
wings unsoiled.
You're always there for me,
when I need you,
and I appreciate it...
I appreciate you.

"Many Angels," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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Music: "Were You There, (c) 2003 by Bob Sorem.
Used with permission."