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Your Little Girl...

Sometimes she will
not let you love her.
She slams the door
and won't let you in.
But let her be.
She needs time for herself.
She needs to explore life
from the inside out.
And besides,
she'll come back to you
when she's ready.

Now, her head is full of voices.
She's searching for herself
in each sunset,
in each field of daisies,
in each drop of rain.
And you fear you'll lose her.
But don't worry.
Beneath the cool exterior,
she still needs you.
And she'll come back to you
when she's ready.

She wants to be grown up,
yet she wants to be your little girl.
She's confused.
And she confuses you.
Just give her space to grow.
Assure her that you're
there for her.
She'll never leave you.
Not really.
And she'll come back to
you when she's ready.

And she'll work everything out
and find her place in the world.
Then suddenly, she'll surprise you
with her grace and elegance,
her warmth and caring,
her wisdom and dedication.
She'll make you proud
that she's your little girl,
and you'll take comfort in knowing
that she'll always
come back to you.

"Your Little Girl," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Music: "Nothing's Broken But My Heart"
Photo, "Girls," by Jenifer Conroy, copyright 1998.