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Call Me Mom...

You hate everything I like,
everything I do.
My taste in fashion stinks,
and my music does too.
The books I like to read
you say are such a bore
and having a few words with me
is an exasperating chore.
You'd never want to do
a single thing like me,
and more than anything,
you wish I'd just let you be.

What do you call me?
On a good day,
you call me MOM.

Hey, but I've not a worry.
I know that when trouble finds you,
you'll remember me in a hurry.
And I'll cling to the hope
that someday you'll see,
how much I love you
and how difficult
being a parent can be.

And when that time comes,
you can still...
just call me MOM.

"Call Me Mom," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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