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"Incredible! Incredible! Incredible!"--CBN News
"A discovery in artistic technology!"--Inventor's Weekly
"Possibly the most important techological advance in this century!"--Science Journal Online

We're excited to share an incredible new breakthrough in digital technology with you. With Digi-sketch, you can describe your facial features, and our digital sketching program will render an accurate likeness of you. Try it for FREE today!

Here are some digi sketches of other visitors to this website:


Just fill out the questions below, press the "finished" button, and in seconds, digi sketch will render your image.

Your age:

(Example: 35)

Your gender:

(Example: male, female)

Describe the shape of your eyebrows:

(Example: bushy, thin, curvy, straight)

Describe the shape of your eyes:

(Example: wide, almond, small, deep-set)

Your Eye Color:

(Example: brown, green, hazel, blue)

Describe the shape of your nose:

(Example: long, straight, pointed, narrow)

Describe your lips:

(Example: big, luscious, thin, full)

Describe your teeth:

(Example: straight, buck, none, crooked)

Describe your facial hair:

(Example: beard, mustache, goatie, none)

Describe your ears:

(Examples: pointy, big, small)

Describe your hair style:

(Example: straight, curly, long, bald, receding)

Describe your hair color:

(Example: red, blonde, brown, gray, salt and pepper)

Describe your skin tone:

(Example: fair, dark, medium, olive)

Describe your ethnic backround:

(Example: American, Japanese, European, African American)

Describe the shape of your face:

(Example: fat, thin, round, oval, long, double-chin)


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