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 All I Ask...


All I ask is that you
give our love a chance.

There has never been a better
season for romance.
With you I want to dance.

I know I'm not always charming;
I confess that I'm sometimes a bore;
And surely, dealing with me can
be a chore.

But I swear that every day,
I'll bring love,
and happiness
to your door.
You'll like it so much,
that you'll beg me for more.
Well maybe not,
but you get the picture.
And I'll quit the lecture.

Just remember that only you
can make me hop!
My love for you will never stop!
This is a chance you
don't want to miss.
Just give me a kiss...
and you may find your princess.

You won't even have to ask why;
you'll just find that even I
can be a wonderful gal,
because I love you,
and forever.

"All I Ask," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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