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 God's Plan...


God protects you;
he holds your life in his hands.

God has some plans for you,
some small, some big, some grand.

God guides you,
with a brilliant shining light.

God watches over you
through morning, noon, and night.

God is always there for you,
to aid you in times of woe.

God tries hard to help you
see, and learn, and grow.

God has much faith in you;
there's nothing you can't achieve.

God encourages you
to try, to think, to believe.

God will always love you,
and he hopes you'll love him too.

God lends a shoulder,
to calm, support, and soothe.

God will wait for you;
he'll be there in the end.

God will welcome you,
because he's your friend.

"God's Plan," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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