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 Hot Pink...


All night long,
I thought about you.
I'm even dreaming while awake,
lost to hot pink thoughts of you.
No matter where I go,
no matter how near or how far,
I can't stop hearing
the beat of your heart.
I can picture us together,
in a field of hot pink irises.
I can feel the heat
and the power of our passion.
As you take me into your arms,
the world fades around us,
and I'm lost to the taste of
your sweet lips.
My fever for you,
is burning me up inside.
I can see us...
you and I.
As night falls,
so cold and dark,
I'll be thinking of you again.
I'd drive all night to reach you.
And when I'd found you at last,
I'd creep into your room,
and make love to you.
Nothing can cool this heat
I have for you.
Nothing you can say or do
will make these hot pink
fantasies fade.

"Hot Pink," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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