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God will be with you today.
As you open your eyes to a new day,
he'll light up the sky with sunshine
to remind you how much
he loves you.
He'll be your strength through every hour.
He'll bring you many warm smiles
and unexpected pleasures throughout the day.
His love will keep you warm
and shelter you from all harm.

God will be with you tonight.
As you close your weary eyes in sleep,
he'll light up the sky with stars
to remind you that he's
always there for you.
He'll watch over you as you sleep,
touching your soul with a peace
that could only come from heaven,
and filling your dreams with a spark of hope
that will remain with you when you awake.

God will be with you tomorrow.
He'll be with you always.
And every day, he'll remind you,
in many different ways,
that he's your eternal light.

"Always," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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