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Too Old?...

So you think you're too old, huh? Well, here's 20 reasons, why you're never too old to accomplish your dreams.

At age 40, Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run, more than anyone had ever hit.

At age 41, Christopher Columbus landed in the New World.

At age 44, Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

At age 49, Mario Puzo published, The Godfather.

At age 52, Ludwig Van Beethovan composed the Ninth Symphony.

At age 53, Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister of Britain--the first woman to hold that office. Yeah, Margaret!

At age 55, Alex Haley published Roots.

At age 57, Annie Peck climbed Mount Huascaran in the Andes. She was the first person to reach the top.

At age 59, Clara Barton founded the Red Cross.

At age 63, Francis Galton revealed to the world that no two people have the same fingerprints and revolutionized crime fighting in the process.

At age 64, John Pierpont Morgan formed U.S. Steel, the world's first billion dollar corporation.

At age 65, Laura Ingalls published Little House In the Big Woods, the first story in the popular "Little House on the Prairie," series.

At age 68, Clifford Batt swam the English Channel.

At age 69, Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize.

At age 78, Grandma Moses began taking painting seriously. Soon afterward, her career took off.

At age 79, Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals.

At age 92, George Burns starred in the movie, Eighteen Again.

At age 94, Leopold Stokowski signed a six-year contract to conduct music.

At age 95, Mother Jones, Union Organizer, wrote her famed biography.

At age 100, Ichijirou Araya climbed Mount Fuji.

"Too Old?" Written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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