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A Child Again...

Why can't we adults cuddle up
to someone we love and listen to
a bedtime story?

Why can't we have a slumber party
with our friends and stay up all night
laughing and munching on pizza?

Why can't we get grounded and
sent to our room for the day
so that we can catch up on our reading?

Why can't we have a birthday party
with balloons, music, tiny hats,
and clowns?

Why can't we lie down for
some "quiet time" when we're
stressed out?

Why can't we have graham crackers
and milk for a midday snack?

Why can't we believe that
a hug and a kiss has the power
to heal all of our ills?

Why can't we spend a whole day
finger painting and coloring?

Why can't we take comfort in
a security blanket when
life is unkind?

Why can't we believe that
all people have good hearts?

Why can't we spend an afternoon lying
in the grass and watching the clouds
sail by?

Why can't we let our imagination
run free and believe that anything
is possible?

Why can't we believe that
there's nothing we can't do
in the future?

On second thought, maybe we can.

There's no reason why we adults
can't abandon our cares,
and enjoy every facet of life.
And we can look to the future
with as much hope as a child.

We just have to remember
the way we felt back then...
in order to become a child again.

"A child Again," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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