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 Miracle of Love...


The miracle of love
shines bright in my life every day.
I've only to think about you,
and I escape to endless sunny days,
happily adrift in the paradise we've made.
When I'm with you,
nothing but the beauty
of true love sings in my heart.
I've offered you the pen,
and you've drawn the chart
to a happiness I never knew existed.
This miracle is something I'm
unable to understand,
and could never begin to explain.
I only know that it makes
me happy to be with you,
a feeling that I promise will never fade,
never wane.
When you hold my hand,
I'm complete at last,
finally able to evade,
the loneliness that haunted
me in the past.
There's something special about you
that sets you apart.
Your smile sends a little piece
of heaven to my heart.
And I want you to know that
you need never fear;
for you, I'll always be here
year after year.
Every day I pray,
that you're in my life to stay.
Together, we'll share
this miracle of love,
and count ourselves among the lucky ones
blessed by angels above.

"Miracle of Love," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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