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 Your Endless Beauty...


To these eyes,
you shall never grow old;
nor shall winter's clutch
ever feel too bitter and cold,
when you're here to warm my soul.
Of all the things
in this world I've seen--
autumns of orange and red,
winters gray and mean,
and summers of hazy gold,
you shall ever be,
the springtime of my heart,
a fragrant blossom
as fresh as boughs of green.
Neither these eyes
nor this soul
seeks to be deceived,
but when your endless beauty
is perceived,
this heart shall beat gladly
for you alone.
You're my sunshine
and my garden overgrown
with soft white blossoms
that never fail to
inspire and enchant me.
You've planted the seeds,
for all that my happiness is
and ever shall be.

"Your Endless Beauty," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000.

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