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 How I Love You...


I can't tell a soul
I love you
though my heart begs me to.
Every romantic song reminds me of you,
and every time I see a happy couple
I wish they were you and me.
Sometimes I write your name
and stare at it wistfully
as I imagine how great
our lives together would be...
but I can't tell a soul
I love you.
I can't even tell you.
I wrote a poem about you,
trying to express the depth of my emotion,
hoping to make you understand
the breadth of my devotion,
but the words were not enough.
I couldn't explain
how strongly I feel about you;
I couldn't describe
the volatile mix of joy and pain,
because I can't tell a soul
I love you.
Sometimes I feel like my need to see you
is consuming me inside,
and sometimes when I think about you
I tremble...
my love for you is never easy to hide.
I called my best friend
to explain how much I love you...
but the words stalled on my tongue,
and again, I had to pretend...
because I can't tell a soul
I love you.
I sat on the beach
and drew a heart in the sand
while I thought about you.
I imagined the joy of being with you,
of simply holding your hand.
I wanted to find you;
I wanted to tell you how much I love you,
and that I would always love you
no matter what you do.
As the tide dashed in to steal the heart
and carry it off to the sea
where it would remain for eternity,
I decided that I can never tell you
I love you,
but I will always try to show you.

"How I Love You," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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