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 A Perfect Day...


I want you to be happy
so I'm sending you this perfect day,
the kind of day in which everything goes right
and only good news comes your way.
You'll have nothing to worry about,
no reason to gripe or groan,
because no bill collectors
will harass you on the phone;
And every meal you have will
taste absolutely great,
and the kids will happily eat
every morsel on their plate.
You'll manage to find some time alone,
to kick back and unwind,
and you'll drift away to pleasant dreams
of the most romantic kind.
And no one who crosses your path
will give you a reason to fuss or fret.
If they do a fragrant bubble bath
will let you forget.
The years will roll back,
eased by thoughts of a dear friend
who will make you feel like a child again,
caught up in the world of pretend.
And when night falls at last,
and you close your eyes to sleep,
your dreams will be full of hope
that tomorrow you'll keep.

"A Perfect Day," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000.

Music: "I Believe," by Bobette Bryan

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