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 A Blue Jay's Gift...


I saw a magnificent blue jay.
The bird sang an enchanting tune
which inspired a feeling of
peace and happiness like I'd never known before.
As I drew near to admire the bird's beauty,
warmth touched my soul
as if God's light had slowly spread through me.
And perhaps it had for as I
studied the blue and white feathers,
I imagined heaven's endless blue skies
where legions of angels dwelled.
The speck of light in the bird's black eyes
revealed that there will always be
light even in the darkness
for God's love will always shine through
to guide me along the right path
when I feel lost.
The bird didn't flinch or flee
as I drew closer still,
showing me that I
had nothing to fear from life;
for just as the blue jay
watched me from above,
God and his angels
always watch over me,
sheltering me from all harm,
and lending me strength when I need it.
The bird plucked an acorn from a branch
and dropped it at my feet,
and I was reminded to be thankful
for all the gifts
God offers me every day.
I held the acorn in my hand,
thinking about the miracle of birth,
and the never-ending circle of life,
and at once I understood that God
had given me the greatest gift of all--
everlasting life.
I watched as the bird spread its wings,
and soared gracefully toward the sky,
and at once I knew that I'd been visited
by an angel who'd come to remind me
that many miracles touch my life every day,
and that angels are all around me
in the form of friends and family.
And I thought about you.
I'm grateful to have you in my life,
for I count you among God's many blessings.
You'll always be as precious to me
as the blue jay's gift.

"A Blue Jay's Gift," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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