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 Your Choice...


God has given you a choice.
He has given you a heart,
two hands, and a voice.
And what you do with them is up to you,
but you should use these gifts well--
it's not so difficult to do.
To each soul who crosses your path be kind.
Refuse to let judgement color your heart,
for your heart should ever be blind.
Every kindness you offer others
will return to you.
One smile spent is heaven-sent
and brings a return times two.
Treat everyone like a friend from the start.
Offer a hand, and welcome them in
to your home, your hearth, and heart.
A warm welcome could never offend,
and a friend made is a blessing
that will help your soul mend.
There's always something nice you can say
to raise low spirits on dreary days.
Don't let your pride get in the way.
Show how much you care.
offer your encouragement;
let someone know you'll
always be there.
When you help another soul sing,
you'll receive many times over
the joy your efforts bring.

"Your Choice," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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