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 These Dreams of You...


You're my wings,
your smile a gentle breeze;
over cerulean seas,
I soar with ease,
upon dreams of you.
You're my flame stoked high
to make day of midnight.
You're my heaven
and mysterious moonlight.
Through black velvet twilight
to early morning sunlight,
I treasure these dreams of you.
You're the melody
that strokes my heart
and makes everything feel right.
You're a rose,
both red and white,
my fiery passion
and my angel of light.
And I cherish these dreams of you.
Never shall this blossom fade.
Through bitter winter winds
and harsh summer light,
through bright spring days
and long fall nights,
you'll be my rose,
my melody,
my moonlight
my heaven,
my flame,
my wings,
and my greatest delight.
You'll always be my everything bright.
And as long as blue jays sing
and the earth's rebirth marks every spring,
I'll live for these dreams of you.

"These Dreams of You," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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