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 Until the End of Time...


Perhaps I hide it well,
or maybe to my heart you're blind,
but if you look very close,
you're sure to find...
that I love you
with heart and soul
and body and mind.
I spend my time
thinking about you;
sometimes I'm elated and hopeful,
and sometimes I'm down and blue,
waiting for these sweet dreams
of us to come true.
There's a picture in my mind,
the way I wish it could be,
and I believe happiness is possible
for you and me.
You don't have to look very hard--
it's not so difficult to see,
that we're as perfect together
as shore and sea.
The ribbons around my heart,
are the ties that bind;
I'm a slave to the oldest
type of bondage known to mankind.
And I'll always be right here
waiting for you,
my heart ever hopeful that
these dreams will come true,
but whether or not they do
until the end of time,
I'll love you!

"Until the End of Time," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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