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 Always Love You...


I used to be a weary soul,
trudging through the hours alone.
I was searching for you,
following your trail,
and picking up clues.
All of that time,
I never really understood
how incredible being with you would be--
I only knew that without you,
I was a castaway,
alone and empty.
Just when I was about to surrender
to long nights so dark and lonely,
you entered my life at last,
and I knew right away that you
were my one and only,
the one I'd waited for
all of my life.
Now I'm so caught up in loving you,
that I can barely remember the
meaning of feeling blue.
You're my dream come true,
and I swear that I will
always love you.

"Always Love You," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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