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 Happiness of Friendship...


I had no reason to send you a card.
It's not your birthday or a holiday.
But I just wanted you to know
that I think about you every day.
You are so important to me.
I can't imagine life without
someone like you.
You help me make it through
the days that seem impossibly long,
and you give me a lift when
I'm feeling blue
Before you entered my life
the sun didn't shine as bright,
and I didn't notice the beauty
of the stars that twinkle each night.
You brought me the warmth
and light of true friendship
making all the wrongs
seem right.
And I may have said it before,
but I'll say it again,
I'm thankful to have you
as a friend.
Where you are,
is where my happiness begins.

"Happiness of Friendship," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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