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 Someone Dear...


I'll always think of you
as someone dear,
someone who has always been there
to touch my heart
and dry each tear.
If I didn't have you
in my life at all,
my hopes and dreams
would have dwindled
until they became too small
to see.
I can't imagine how empty
my life would be
without you.
You helped me grow,
and though it's long overdue,
I want you to know.
how much I care.
You came into my life
with sunshine to share.
And I'm not too blind to see
that you've always been
cheering for me.
You've raised my spirit
and encouraged me in so many ways,
that I'll be grateful to you
until the end of my days.
And though we're many miles apart
you still touch my heart.
Year after year,
I'll think of you as someone dear,
and as always,
I'll wish you were here.

"Someone Dear," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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